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P-Vock's Music Box: Chasing Tale

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box. I do my best to keep the posts, and games I discuss, relatively varied and interesting. Despite my best efforts, I have noticed a bit of a shortcoming on my end. It's been a while since I've covered a good old indie game. So, to help rectify that, let's talk about what is probably the most iconic and well-known indie game this side of Minecraft.

A spiritual successor to the well-loved EarthBound/Mother, Toby Fox's 2015 sleeper hit UnderTale has become a literal phenomenon. This game and its mix of wonderful characters, unique gameplay, and top-tier music have elevated this game from a cult classic (like the series that inspired it) to an absolute staple of the mid-2010s. Let's start with what is my personal favourite track in the OST.

I hate spiders. I hate everything about them. They're sticky, hairy, creepy, and gross. If I wanted to see that kind of crap, I'd just take a selfie. That being said, Muffet (the character associated with the track Spider Dance) is an absolutely wonderful character who is equal parts adorable, sassy, and charming. She alone makes the game's short play time worth a run. Oh yeah, the music, the music also slaps.

Okay enough of that, this game has one track that has become very well known amongst the community. It's been memed, remixed, rememed, and broken down about a billion times, and for good reason. Have a listen.

Yeeah, the internet has almost ruined this tune for me. The opening notes have been used in so many memes that I'm as completely numb to them as I am to the sense of joy, which is a shame because this track is honestly phenomenal. Accompanying what is the most iconic, difficult, and intense boss fight in the game, Megalovania is an absolute icon and truly deserves the status it has received for its memorable hook, catchy melody, and sheer intensity and determination it instills within the player. It is hard to hear this jam and not feel instantly motivated.

Alright, it is a billion degrees out and I'm tired, so I'mma head out. Memes aside, Undertale is a truly phenomenal game and deserves to be at the heights it has risen to over the past seven years (Jesus, 2015 was SEVEN years ago, I'm old). I hope your long weekend rules as much as this game and its music. I'll catch you right back here next time with another suggestion from my Music Box. Stay Brutal!

PS, I told you this game became a big deal. It even got representation in damn

Super Smash Bros. Have the Smash Bros remix.

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