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P-Vock's Music Box: ADVENTURE!

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box. I firmly believe that music has a sort of power over us. That it can allow us to relive moments in time, remind ourselves of good and bad times, and even be the only reason people remember some video games.

Back in the Game Boy days, Squaresoft released one such title that I don't think many people actually remember, but with beats that are recognizable and familiar enough to have people remember them, and potentially even check it out at some point.

At least, that's what happened with me.

Final Fantasy Adventure/Adventures of Mana/Sword of Mana/Seiken Densetsu (because why would you ever have a simple and understandable naming convention for your video games) is a game that hits you the moment you turn it on with an intriguing and beautifully melancholic piece.

I purchased a collection of games from the Mana series a few years back, meaning to replay Secret of Mana (a game I have talked about on this blog before). When I opened the game, I was greeted by this masterpiece and realized that I had to try out whatever game it came from if THIS was the quality of composition I was getting.

It's just so serene. It's so simple. It feels like a relaxing morning before a busy afternoon, which is rather perfect for a piece called Rising Sun.

And a fitting piece to kick off an exciting adventure with endless battles . . .

As it did start out as a Game Boy game, I figured it was a nice touch to have one classic chiptune music.

The ever-present bass line combined with the steady and continuous tempo really helps create this sense of "Just keep going feeling" in the player while also being something that works as a fantastic accompaniment to the majority of your overworld travels throughout this game.

It also makes me wonder something. How did young P-Vock play his Game Boy for HOURS on car rides while wearing headphones?

I love the console so much, but I'm genuinely surprised it didn't cause me to lose all sanity. Or maybe, that just makes a lot of my weird behaviours and tendencies a lot more understandable.


I wanted to go back to the orchestrations for the other overworld theme because this composition is just INCREDIBLE. This is what plays in the overworld after a pivotal moment in the story occurs and we start to learn about what is really at stake in our quest.

Take everything I thought about the previous track and carry it on. An energetic tempo that fills the player with determination and will, but add to it a layer of somber emotion with the standout melody that really creates this minor sense of dread and worry in the player.

Fitting, as they are soon to engage in a do-or-die fight to save the very world (which has definitely NEVER happened in a video game before).

I just felt like talking about this game. It's a very underappreciated gem that I wish more people would play. With a relatively short runtime, memorable and fun gameplay, digestible while still being interesting world and story, and absolutely phenomenal soundtrack, Final Fantasy Adventure/Adventures of Mana/Sword of Mana/Seiken Densetsu remains one of my favourite Game Boy titles and one of my many beloved titles from Square that I bring up to my friends until they yell at me to shut up.

It can be obtained for real cheap, along with the very beloved Secret of Mana, in the Collection of Mana and I can't recommend it enough!

Thank you, as always for checking out my content. I hope to catch you next time with another suggestion from my Music Box.

Stay Brutal!

PS. Rising Sun is one of my favourite tracks of all time and Square once released an album of official Lo-fi remixes of some iconic tracks of theirs, and the Rising Sun remix is something I will never tire of.

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