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On My Side's New Single, Young Soul - A Review

Hey BRD readers, happy Saturday! Today we bring to you a review of the new single from Edmonton punkers On My Side. This isn’t the first time BRD has written an article about On My Side. Some of our long time readers might remember the February 2021 issue of our printed zine back in the day. If you’re curious about that article it’s available here on our website in the PDF section of this website.

This coming Friday, September 22, On My Side is releasing their new single titled Young Soul. The song is a candid look at the reality that trans people face in terms of acceptance by others, especially family. Guitarist D speaks with an observational fortitude in discussing the song and has this to say:

“Everyone deserves to find a space where they can be accepted and loved for who they are. Sometimes that comes with a high cost, such as leaving blood family behind and moving to a new place. It's a price tag that many trans folks have to accept in order to find that space.”
- D (Vocals/Guitar)

Common sense aside, it’s hard for us to fathom why anyone would abandon their own due to them discovering their true self. Nevertheless, some people are just not good at being human, and this includes family members sometimes. Despite this, On My Side presents to us a great new single.

D delivers awesome vocals on the track, a voice for the misunderstood, belting out the lyrics with a raw energy. The rhythm matches the vocals perfectly and there’s some cool chords, along with a punk vigour throughout the song. Pragmatic and sensibly observant, Young Soul by On My Side is a great listen. The band owns it with their unique style and sound, hopefully a foreshadowing for more new music.

Although the single is being released on September 22, On My Side is having a single release party in Edmonton on Thursday September 21. You can check them out along with Balderdash, I Am Machi, and Synesthesia at the Aviary Norwood. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

That’s it for today cool cats, until next time stay safe and stay tuned and as always, stay brutal!


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