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on love & privilege

Updated: Aug 3, 2022


I want to posit a defence on love. Love staggers me, in that it exists, and is yet also somewhat undefinable. Sort of like the concept of God. I will talk about deities on some other day, for now I will assume most will agree love is real.


Let that sink in.

What does that mean, really? If love exists, what then? Not everyone knows love, for one thing. What about the morality of love? Is love right or wrong? If we choose love and assume love is good, what are our responsibilities? to whom are we responsible?


Do we practice what we preach?

Do you not think

that we will answer for our misdeeds? That, as in life - in the thereafter - shit runs downhill?


I am the end of the slippery slope, the bottom of the incline. I know, through experience, that handicaps impede survival. That's why privilege is so important. It's because of this lived experience that I say, as a mentally ill white man, I am privileged. I am blessed.

Joshua Wiebe

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