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of strelitzia and the splendid astrapia

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

a story of

two beautiful lovers




the splendid astrapia.

Ever since last week's post with the photograph of the lovely Bird of Paradise flower (see top photo) I've been entranced by the sheer beauty of these flowerets. They are one of, if not the, most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. There is also a family of birds named Birds of Paradise, and they too, are stunning.

This got me to thinking (and googling) about the relationship of these two species. While I am not sure if the Sunbird (pictured) is one of the Birds of Paradise technically, I believe the two families of birds are related. The Sunbird has a wonderful relationship with the Bird of Paradise flower, in that it is responsible for the pollenating of these plants.

Very cool.

The minimalist poem I have included here is the introduction of this beautiful bloom and the gorgeous Sunbird. She is the flower Strelitzia, and the male lover is The Splendid Astrapia. I imagine an eternal dance and tropical courtship which results in the offspring of more of these amazing Birds of Paradise. It is my hope that you too can imagine this relationship.

Joshua Wiebe

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