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Updated: Feb 3

o canada

be canadian


for imitating america

in microcosm

then beat your own drum

o alberta

be your best

rebellious self

tell the establishment

to fuck right off


yeah no

we good



I am a proud Canadian. I am a proud Albertan. There are specific elements of the Albertan identity I strongly identify with. Elements such as new beginnings, the mullet, independence and independent thought, recognition and promotion of business sense, and pursuing a vision. I love Alberta. I love our landscapes, our private liquor stores, even some of our politicians. I admit I respect those I disagree with. But we are moving too far right-of-centre. I entreat my fellow citizens to ruminate on this.

Moving further right means private health care. It means saying to the people of the world, out loud and on purpose, “We are choosing American-style business and politics. America's private businesses will bring their politicians. Their politicians bring special interest groups. Special Interests then bring corruption. It seems Albertans know this and are yet abandoning principle.

I struggle with this. One of the defining characteristics of the Canadian stereotype is that we are centrists. We compromise and apologize for acting independently of the US, but we continue to do so. We have backbone. We choose to work with others and believe in equality and dignity.

If we continue to emulate our neighbor, we are accepting defeat and accepting assimilation, deciding against multi-culturalism. This is very un-Canadian. I urge my fellow Canadians, Albertans especially, to push back against right wing peer pressure. I humbly ask Albertans to move us back to Centre. We can say we’re sorry and ask for forgiveness for our independence later.

Smith and Ford are, in my opinion, representative of the far Canadian Right. This duo brings to mind the name of a six-shooting, gun-manufacturing company (Smith & Ford). I think Canadian conservatives need to ponder where they will lead us. Would any rational Canadian knowingly choose fascism? That is where we are headed.

We fought fascism. Have we regressed?

I understand that good people can be much more conservative than me (I attribute many of the platforms of my politics to my social standing). This is my understanding of different but equal; "I recognize the validity of your argument, and you in turn recognize mine. We'll meet in the middle."

You say conservatives do not want communism. I don't want communism, either. I long for true, centrist democratic capitalism. I want to know a person who got rich through business and offer them respectful congratulations. I do not want to limit creativity I want to tax it. I desire a safety net, reproductive rights and social programs, available for all Canadians. That means in spite of the recipient's gender, race, religion, political affiliation or queer status. I am requesting allies. Allies work together. Do my conservative friends not see the danger in the UCP? A UCP victory imperils Alberta.

Joshua Wiebe

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