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thank God

for raj pannu

betta recognize


the educated

trend left

the right

is wrong

Some of you may remember the Alberta NDP's Raj Pannu from back in the day. He had these great t-shirts with the slogan "Raj Against the Machine" on them. At the time, I was going to U of A and was able to procure one of these tees. I never felt cooler. These shirts were very popular with the liberal university crowd and, funny story, I was in a university bar and a very nice lady asked to buy the shirt off my back. I was like, "now?" She said "yes, right now." I had to reject her offer, as I did not feel comfortable walking around the campus sans clothing.

As you probably guessed, I support Alberta's NDP still. I like Rachel Notley and what the party has done under her leadership. I also feel that even were I not thrilled at the prospect of an NDP government, they are a far superior choice to Danielle Smith and the UCP. I have some strong opinions on our current Premier and governing party, but in the interest of tact, I shall leave them unsaid. With that said, I encourage our readers to respect those with differing opinions.

Today, I share with you a poem and a playlist, honouring the classic tee Raj Against the Machine and the current iteration, Notley Crue. Enjoy!

Joshua Wiebe

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