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Updated: Jan 21

a suspicious poet

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if being mental is metal

i am melattica

Malapropism - Wikipedia

Malapropism has been used to great comedic effect in notable TV shows (The Sopranos), stage plays and literature for generations, (see link above.) It is one of my favourite ways to butcher profound quotations, songs, and cliches. Recently, I re-discovered Malapropism in the form of a bad tattoo and was inspired to write this short poem. There is something about individuals attempting to come off intellectual and failing that is hilarious to me. I do not intend to imply that I do not have this failing myself, I know my guilt well.

For the literate sports fan, Yogi Berra is the obvious source for Malapropism in popular culture, (The quotable Yogi Berra: the 20 most memorable Yogi-isms | New York Yankees | The Guardian.) So much so, that he has been given his own kind of malaprop, the Yogi-ism. I included a link for your viewing pleasure, should you be interested in going further down the rabbit hole.

I love the internet.

Joshua Wiebe

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