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New interviews from people in the music scene every Monday, every week, every month!

Welcome to Monday Morning Musical Mayhem: an online series that focuses on musicians, bands, artists, and whoever else in the musical industry that reaches out to us! The goal is help spread the word about people doing rad stuff in the music world! Are you doing rad stuff? Email us at to be featured! xoxoxo


Another Monday, another hangover! Sunrise, sunset! Let's kick off the week with some positive vibes! We've got just the remedy - Half Dizzy! A pop punk band from Long Island, New York that does not skimp on the whoas. What more could your ears ask for? Let's tune in and see what they have to say!

BRUTAL REALITY DIGEST: Identify yourself, your band, and your weapon of choice.


DAN on guitar and backing vocals

NICK on drums

MITCHELL on lead guitar

BRD: Since you're from Long Island, are you Islanders, Rangers, or Devils fans? Or do you think hockey is for dorks?

MITCHELL: I'm not a "fan" of sports. As far as sports fans go? Lame af, and exactly the same as (American) football fans. As far as actual sportsmanship? Gnarly af and by far one of the craziest sports to play or be good at.

NICK: I don’t watch hockey. I think it’s definitely really cool and respectable. More of a Mets baseball kinda guy.

DIZZY: I love hockey. I don't watch it but if I get invited to an islanders game I'm going! Haha

BRD: All us dumb Canucks know about Long Island is the iced tea. What else should we know about the island?

NICK: I’ve never had a Long Island iced tea. I think people should know Long Island for its large amount of mediocre strip mall pizza. Also Long Island has a big scene for horses for some reason!?

MITCHELL: The whole island is basically a couple of rich communities surrounded by slums. We literally all only exist so rich people can shop and party and indulge at their leisure. Also look up Michael Valva. Thats a name from Long Island worth remembering.

DAN: Haha somehow I agree with nick and mitchell.... although I wouldn't call it slums per say haha. But yea, there's a hard divide between the middle class and upper class areas here. Its weird.

BRD: What comes to mind when you guys think about our country of Canada?

NICK: Canada is awesome! Me and my wife Kimi went to Toronto for our honeymoon and it was great. Good food. Clean city. Nice people!

MITCHELL: I'm not your buddy guy! Also: longboarding and landyachts. Haha

DAN: I know a guy that lives in Canada and he has a sweet French accent... so that's what I immediately think of. I wish I could speak French haha. Maybe some day....

BRD: According to your FB, you're big Bouncing Souls fans so how many "whoas" should we expect on your first single? Or are you pulling a Fat Mike and saying "whoa on the whoas?"

DIZZY: We're all big Souls fans and YESS our first single has woahs in it of course haha. Woahs are honestly such a fun way for a crowd to participate in a song... when the crowd knows our songs someday... they'll love the woahs, like we love the woahs. Hahaha

BRD: Pete Davidson has tried to make Staten Island cool lately. How does it compare to Long Island?

DIZZY: I actually have some friends in Staten Island and I love it there. But at the end of the day its like everywhere else... but we'd love to play some shows there!

BRD: Do you remember the first song you learned how to play?

DAN: The first song I learned on guitar was so generic hahaha Wonder wall by Oasis of course.

NICK: The first and last song I learned on guitar was Damnit by blink-182. On drums it was Self Employed Chemist by Norma Jean.

MITCHELL: Guitar: Operation Ivy: Yellin in my Ear

Piano: Scott Joplin: the entertainer(technically the first song I learned how to play ever.

BRD: What is a city you are absolutely dying to play a show in?

DAN: Well, I think every punk band ever has the dream of playing at 924 Gilman in Berkley, but I'm down for playing anywhere haha.

DIZZY: Yea I'm really excited for when were able to play anywhere at all honestly haha. We're glad the world is finally starting to open back up slowly.

BRD: If you had to adopt a television theme song as your own theme song, which would you choose?

DAN: The 1960s original Scooby Doo: where are you theme song. That's my favorite show of all time hahaha.

DIZZY: Yea idk that's a hard question, I've always loved "I love Lucy" so maybe the theme to that show haha

BRD: Tell us about your plans for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

DAN: Well, I guess for the rest of 2021 were gonna practice write a few more songs and search for a bassist haha.

DIZZY: Yea, we need a bass player haha. We'll also probably record an E.P. at some point this year so theirs some more of our music out there for the world. Hopefully people like it haha.

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