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MONDAY MORNING MUSICAL MAYHEM - featuring Friday's Spirit

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Welcome to Monday Morning Musical Mayhem: an online series that focuses on musicians, bands, artists, and whoever else in the musical industry that reaches out to us! The goal is help spread the word about people doing rad stuff in the music world! Are you doing rad stuff? Email us at to be featured! xoxoxo


Well we made it through another weekend in one piece (we hope) and now it's cause for celebration! It's time for everyone's favourite Monday Morning activity! Are you ready? Let's cross the pond once again to the fine nation of Austria and chat with Friday's Spirit! Some nice boys playing catchy pop punk. Let's get going!

Photo credit: Tobias Neugebauer/Photoni.

BRUTAL REALITY DIGEST: Introduce yourself, your band, and weapon of choice.

FRIDAY'S SPIRIT: Hey guys we are Friday’s Spirit from Salzburg, Austria and we play Punk Rock music. Our band is set up as follows: drums & lead vocals: Florian Stangassinger, lead guitar: Philipp Humer, rhythm guitar & backing vocals: David Heiß, bass: Andreas Viehhauser.

BRD: Since you named your band Friday's Spirit, tell us about the best Friday you've experienced so far as a band. (Or at least one that comes to mind right away)

FS: To be honest, every Friday is a special Friday. Also, we usually rehearse on that day, it’s the weekend starter and – let’s be honest – Monday’s Spirit would be freaking horrendous. A memorable one though was our last “live” show this year: A streaming show without an audience. It was kind of

weird, but at the same time really dope to been back on stage.

BRD: You guys are based in Salzburg, Austria. What's something we should know about your city?

FS: Mozart, Jazz and the City Festival, Rockhouse and Augustiner Bräu.

BRD: How many languages can you speak and have all your bands throughout the years sung in


FS: German, English and a touch of Japanese. Yes, we do. It’s our way to sing in English.

BRD: When I visited Europe, there was a pretty fierce debate about which country had the best beer. So, in your humble opinion, which European country makes the tastiest brews?

FS: So, in our humble opinion, there are actually three countries that brew decent beer: Austria,

Germany, and Czech Republic. There are so many different types of beer in Europe, so one would miserably fail to find the finest brew. Our band favourites are the following: Schwechater Zwickl from Austria and Schönramer Hell from Germany. They are both excellent!

BRD: Who is your dream band to open up for once shows can resume?

FS: Opening for Billy Talent would be nutty kick-in-the-balls dream.

BRD: Have you ever crossed the pond to North America and if not, would you like to?

FS: No, we haven’t. However, needles to say, this would be huge step forward, but let us become famous in Europe first.

BRD: Does the German love for David Hasselhoff and Cobie Smulders leak into Austria or is that just a Germany thing?

FS: It’s more a Germany thing, we guess. In 2017, when David Hasselhoff performed on the Austrian

Nova Rock Festival though, somehow a “so bad that it's good again" feeling kicked in. This all culminated into the unthinkably funny when someone decided to throw a burger towards the stage. DON’T HASSLE THE HOFF!!!! JUST DON’T!

BRD: Who is the greatest Austrian band of all time?

FS: Falco.

BRD: Tell us about your plans for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

FS: Currently, we're planning to release our new EP Skin and Bones. We're hoping to both shoot a video this summer and set up some tour dates. Plus, we are already working on new stuff. We really can't wait to be back on the road, playing shows, slugging some beer and meeting new friends and fans alike. Thank you for listening our music!

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