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Welcome to Monday Morning Musical Mayhem: an online series that focuses on musicians, bands, artists, and whoever else in the musical industry that reaches out to us! The goal is help spread the word about people doing rad stuff in the music world! Are you doing rad stuff? Email us at to be featured! xoxoxo


Monday, Monday, Monday! I knew we'd meet again! Let's numb the depression with a fresh instalment of MONDAY MORNIGN MUSICAL MAYHEM and kick the week off right! This time we chatted with Fightmilk - Britain's best kept secret except for the part that people do know them and enjoy their music. We discuss beer, being millennials, and Carly Rae Jepsen. Stick around and embrace the madness!

BRUTAL REALITY DIGEST: Introduce yourself, your band, and weapon of choice.

LILY: I'm Lily, I sing and play guitar in Fightmilk, and I probably would say pickaxe.

ALEX: I'm Alex, I play guitar and sing in Fightmilk, and I would opt for a pointéd stick.

NICK: I'm Nick, I hit the drums in the band Fightmilk. I'd probably actually go for a shield if you're offering?

HEALEY: I'm Healey, I play the bass and sing in Fightmilk, and I would pick a really big sword pulled out of a lake.

BRD: According to your latest press release, your band was formed in the beer gardens of London. If so, what kind of beer can you usually be found drinking?

LILY: I like a nice pale ale because of course I do. Pale Fire by Pressure Drop is one I hope gets to Canada one day.

ALEX: I don't drink, so I'll take whatever alcohol free beer is available as long as it isn't San Miguel Zero.

NICK: One very good thing about where we live is the number of extremely pretentious breweries a stone's throw away. Hackney Brewery are doing very good things.

HEALEY: I'm currently very fond of Brockley Brewery's Session IPA. South London till I die.

BRD: In this same press release you describe the idea of your band as "creating an indiepop soundtrack by which to navigate millennial life." What are millennials accused of ruining over in England?

LILY: At the moment we're being accused of not having vaccines when we haven't been offered them, which is a new one! I'm always amazed at what we manage to ruin.

ALEX: Apparently people have some issues with our avocado consumption, but we've not addressed this in any of our songs yet because not much rhymes with "avocado".

NICK: Yeah I can't remember which politician said it, but according to them the only reason millennials can't afford houses is because we spend too much on avocados.

HEALEY: Apparently we're not buying enough diamonds, which is true I haven't bought a single diamond recently :( BRD: I don't see a keytar player on your personnel list but I'm definitely hearing some spacey sounds in your songs. Did you guys bring in a synth master for your record or is it just one of you guys playing?

LILY: There was no mysterious synth master! We all took turns making silly noises on the in-house synth at Dean Street studios. None of us actually really knew what we were doing so it was just blind luck that it ended up sounding like the bleeps and bloops of the USS Enterprise.

BRD: Who is a group you've been compared to that you weren't overly thrilled about? And conversely, who were you delighted to be compared to?

LILY: Quite often, because I'm a frontperson who happens to be a woman, we get somewhat lazy comparisons by people who automatically say we sound like Elastica - when we really don't! I was very happy to be compared to Kirsty MacColl once, because she's one of my all-time favourite writers and singers.

BRD: If you were trapped on a cruise ship with 2 other bands, who would you hope they were?

LILY: I'd like to be sunning myself on the deck with our lovely mates Panic Pocket and getting competitive over the breakfast buffet with Japanese Breakfast.

ALEX: Panic Pocket for the hangs, Jon Brion for the entertainment.

HEALEY: I'd like to hit the seas with Chorusgirl and Rilo Kiley because I think they'd be great at shuffleboard.

BRD: What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Canada?

LILY: Elliot Page, Justin Bieber and maple syrup.

ALEX: That weird law you guys have that, when every Canadian turns 16, they get drafted to join Broken Social Scene for a year.

NICK: Your current queen in residence, Carly Rae Jepsen.

HEALEY: Tegan and Sara, and this beer with a moose on the label that I had one time in Vancouver.

BRD: If you could recruit anyone (living or dead) to sing a duet with you, who would you sing with?

LILY: Bruce Springsteen please. I think we could do a fairly good pass at Islands in the Stream.

HEALEY: Fred Schneider from the B 52's and we'd both be wearing matching shirts.

ALEX: Now I just want to hear Bruce Springsteen doing a Fred Schneider impression.

BRD: Who's the band you find yourself spinning the most these days?

LILY: I've been enjoying a lot of Press Club who are an excellent thrashy punk Australian band. Nat Foster is the singer and she's got the most amazing pipes.

ALEX: Spent a very enjoyable week recently listening to the lone, doom-laden record by Canadian heroes The Organ about three times a day. Otherwise, there's no mood I've ever found myself in that can't be soundtracked by any given album by Yo La Tengo or Neil Young.

HEALEY: I've had the most recent Rosie Tucker singles on heavy rotation recently. I'm incredibly excited for their new album out this year.

BRD: What are your hopes and dreams for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

LILY: I'd like to play a gig please. Any gig. Just one gig. Also if we could ditch Brexit and be allowed to go on tour, that'd be nice.

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