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the choose your own fate adventure

what sounds good

what makes sense

what is not evil

what must be true

and is legit

The gist of this poem is that, at some point, everyone who is able must decide what they believe. This decision affects all decisions after. It is literally what the building blocks of our lives are made of. It is our identity. Either side of the choice is absolute, and consequently what we do will reap what is

absolute also.

We decide if God is real and who He is. He is either what He says He is, or He isn't. We choose to believe there is no God, or that He is evil, or that we will not serve Him. We decide what we believe.

But every choice is a catalyst for consequence. We must have the capacity to think ahead, to, as therapists would say, "play the tape to the end." If we fail to ever play the tape to the end, we are fools.

My question is this: would any rational person not choose the good ending? Are there differing definitions of Good? Who rolls the dice? Who is the Decider? We choose our fate. We will reap what we sow, of that we may be sure.

Joshua Wiebe

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