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Legalize It

I am for all programs that would de-criminalize drug use and offer care to persons who use, regardless of their choice of poison. Not just because it is the right thing to do, which I think is true, but because it is compassionate. These are individual, real human beings. How can our society in good conscience not aid them?

By this I mean we should give aid to all who use. We could treat the cause instead of warring with the symptoms. Should there not be a cost/benefit analysis to providing this care that goes beyond finance? Compassionate Care is the Golden Rule.

Why is the Golden Rule not the basis for all government policy? We can change this! Safeguards could be, or already are, put into place. Bureaucracy could be limited. I do not understand why we do not act to ease our fellow human's suffering... It must only be because it is expensive. Yes, the cost in dollars is burdensome, but what about the price of citizen's lives?

It is my belief our government does best when it is not run like a business. The purpose of government should be to promote the health and welfare of its citizens over the pursuit of profit. This is a moral Good. In an ideal democracy, the people hold the power. The question I must ask is this: if we have the power, why are we not choosing the moral path?

It should be noted, there will be different definitions of moral. Agreement of principle does not guarantee agreement on response. Certainly there are different views of addiction. One of my friends is passionate about Turning Point and the programs there. Harm Reduction in Central Alberta - Turning Point ( Another is deeply involved and invested in NA. I would not be surprised if these two men have different beliefs about using. As they go, so go I. I too have my own view.

But one element I would wager we all agree on is the need for Compassionate Care. A cursory google search What is compassionate care? - Google Search gives a general definition of the term. In my opinion, Compassionate Care is Centre and Good, and contributes to a minimum quality of life. I believe our country and province should make this level of care a reality.

Joshua Wiebe

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