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Journey to Another World: A Ballad of Fsymideth

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

There is a place, so far away from here the human mind can not conceive of it’s distance. This place is a fantastical universe where anything is possible, yet everything is impossible. Yes, it is quite an impossible kind of place, in terms of reality. But it exists anyway. I would like to tell you about this place, if you would listen. I suppose you must be listening anyway because you have read this far. Listen carefully, because it is quiet. But when you hear it, you will see it.

We will give this place a name, I think we should call it Fysymideth. That’s as good a name as any. In Fysymideth there is never a dull moment. I have been there personally and I can tell you that this is true. Everything looks different there, and the creatures that exist there are quite strange and unusual. I had went there one time for a little vacation and discovered a strange area, a space that didn’t make much sense. In that place the air and sky was so blue and there was soft waves of clouds drifting through it. It was a peaceful place so I decided to stay for a while and explore a little bit, as I usually do when I go to Fysymideth. I was appreciating the coolness of the blue air, and just chilling out when I noticed a commotion going on off in the distance. But I am a chill person so I didn’t worry about it. But then I realized that the commotion was rapidly moving towards me, so I stood up and that’s when everything exploded.

Huge, billowing pillow-like objects lumbered through the air. But what was even more crazy than that was the enormous feathers! They were grey and white and reminded me of old fashioned quill pen feathers from historical images. What was so crazy was that they were as enormous as the pillow objects, what a weird perspective. Anyway, I was lucky and found out that these objects were extremely soft and therefore harmless. Just then, at that moment, I heard a loud, grouchy voice exclaim “Hey! Who are you? Get outta here, you were not invited to this pillow fight, weirdo!” Startled, I replied “I’m just here on a little vacation time.” Perplexed by the grouchiness of the voice I added “I WAS minding my own business, and you approached me, so what is the problem?”

“Problem?” the voice mused “the problem is you weren’t invited, I think you should go home.” Stunned, I replied “But is this not a part of Fysymideth? I thought that everyone is welcome here.”

“Yes.” Said the voice, “But this party is by invitation only. You weren’t invited. I have half a mind to report you to the authorities.”

I didn’t know what they were talking about but I decided I had better go home, I had a lot of work to do anyway and I said “Sorry to interrupt your grouch-a-thon lame pillow bashing. But you approached me. I will go home anyway, this scene is too lame.”

Now, I know I am not cool and I didn’t have a better comeback, so I returned home. It was a nice vacation while it lasted, but I probably won’t return to that part of Fysymideth. It was not a complete waste of time, however. I did enjoy the cool air, serene blue skies and the pillow things along with the absurd giant feathers. I thought it was fun. So I decided to make a painting that reflects the sights and atmosphere of my travels, but I didn’t include the voice because they were too rude to me. I do enjoy painting and I encourage people to visit Fysymideth, despite this one occasion where the experience was so short. It’s a fantastical place and there’s infinite space and places to go, things to see, people to meet, it really is nice, most of it. Perhaps I will tell more tales of my adventures there, if you like, and I will illustrate these adventures. Like and comment on this post to hear more.


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