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i was once adored

Updated: Jan 21

you turned me into a blade:

quick to draw blood,

albeit on paper.

i was once adored

this form stripped of flesh

and given to,

my body transformed

into something higher than,

yet of the earth,

like the skies.

i was once adored

and quite abandoned,

told i was loved

then discarded,

emotionally invested

and mentally retarded.

only a girl would take the lies

you swore were true

and believe them.

As I was going through the My Documents folder on my PC, waiting for inspiration to strike (I missed my blog 2 weeks in a row), I saw this piece. Written in 2009, it is my attempt to write a break-up poem from the female perspective. I know my own voice, directed inwards, is a cruel one. I therefore assumed a woman's inner critic would be equally self-loathing, perhaps especially after a relationship has ended. It should be noted that while I wrote this in (what I thought of as) a female voice, it is surely still what I would think to myself after a break-up. There are two possible conclusions to draw: 1) I do not know women at all, or, 2) I am not very good at finding another voice. Both are valid.

Joshua Wiebe

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