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Gabedogg's Brew Reviews - Busch Beer

Join Gabedogg as he dishes on his favourite beers

The how you do? Brutal brew review is gonna fire up with one of my favorite bottom dollar beers! the name of this sacred lager is Busch and I've spent quite a few nights, days, and family functions consuming multiple cans of this delicious lager. Full bodied, watery, and easy to crush sums up the reasons I love this life tool. The first one might be a tough go but after that it's smooth sailing and they disappear like good judgement on a bender. The can design may be lackluster but don't judge a book by its cover. This dynamic NASCAR beer is sure to make you a hit with the ladies...? Oh wait! If you drink this religiously, it means your a working class stiff that can't afford the high end shit. Well!! Good news is if you manage your way through a 15 pack of this homewrecking nectar, you ain't gonna give a shit about what anyone says (unless they wanna arm-wrestle or compare birds) .

Anyways, I started out a big dog and was dropping big bucks on kokanees and the like but now, in my 40s, I realize an $11 savings per 15 pack is kind of a no brainer. Just as much fun with twice the runs. My dog looks at me like he's worried, the ol lady has bailed upstairs and given up on me turning the music down, and I'm melting into the couch with the overwhelming urge to hit the strip club.... I'd most likely get axed by the doorman anyway. 11 Busch deep in a 5 hour window (rookie numbers, I know) and I feel like works gonna suck tomorrow, but maybe a vodka is in order. Guts a gurgling, mind a whirling, I give Busch a 4 outta 5 on the bargain beer drinking chart. I suggest giving ol Buschy a shot if you haven't already! Hell!! Even throw some Clamato in there if you're struggling! After a baker's dozen, you'll be playing air guitar in the living room all by yourself because your family has lost hope, but I like my own company anyway, so it's their loss. My dog still loves me and he's a really good boy

Taste - 4.5

Label  - 2

Morning after - 3.5 and some 2 ply

Recollection - 2.5 ( wore my shoes to bed)

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