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Future Considerations, An Album Review

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

If you haven’t already heard, or even if you have, that punk trio Trashed Ambulance has released a new album, I adamantly recommend giving their latest album release Future Considerations a listen. Released on Friday, July 8th, it has a cool and classic sound that is yet somehow unparalleled to their other albums Although I am already a big fan of Trashed Ambulance this review’s intent is to give a fair critique of the Future Considerations album and the band although I am an outsider to the punk scene.

The album starts off with the track titled 56 and it’s a good introduction of things to come, featuring vocalist Josh alongside some backup vocals by Riley and Ozone. There is a new quality of sound distinct from their other albums. The band harmonizes well together but doesn’t let you forget they are punk notably because of the explicit lyrics that proclaim their defiance against the system and a mundane existence in general. Relatable indeed with the track Melting Pot, especially if you are like me and estranged from Alberta politics and the ultra conservative mindset.

Other tracks such as Stalk in the Park I interpreted as a social commentary that pokes some awesome fun at the deadbeat failures of society. This track also features a cool animated video that you can check out on their YouTube channel. Stalk in the Park also features some guest vocals that complement the sound of the satirical track. Aside from the representative lyric style Future Considerations has much more to offer with some great catchy riffs especially with the track Next Door to Nothing and the supremely memorable Ecnalubma of which the video has not yet been released.

The only complaint I have with this album is that it’s only 33 minutes and although this is true punk form I do look forward to more music from them in future. Trashed Ambulance is a band that weirdos like me can identify with, as well as anyone who appreciates SKA and classic punk style and sound. Other albums by them are also classic but Future Considerations shows how the band has evolved and grown.

I have been to a few of the Ambo’s live shows, and they are always a fun time. They have an upcoming album release party at The Vat in Red Deer on July 15th but are also touring with a few other lineups. You can find locations and times on More great news is that Future Considerations is available for pre-order on vinyl at and is available for streaming on most platforms, but this band has a quality that deserves backing, buying the album is a way to bolster support for this rad band. All in all, the Ambo is a great listen, live, streaming and on hard copy. I’m sure their next album will also be stellar and not disappoint. That’s all for now, friends, stay brutal!


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