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Have you heard of the band Zygote? If you have not, now you can say that you have! Zygote was formed after the breakup of the band Amebix and existed between 1988 and 1991. For the first time ever, the music born of Zygote and their album “Wind of Knives” is available in North America. I had a listen to the album, and I must say, it rocks! I would say that they were ahead of their time and produced a caliber of tunes in the metal and industrial genre having a progressive sound found in few bands of that era. Brutal Reality Digest had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Zygote kindly answered by band member Chris “Stig” Miller. Check it out:

BRD: What is the story behind your band name, Zygote?

Stig: After the original split of Amebix in around 1987-ish, myself and Spider (Amebix drummer) needed to keep doing things musically. We started jamming with friends George (Synth player on “Arise!” by Amebix) and Tim (now of Cross Stitched Eyes). Things developed from there. I like to use one-word simple band names if possible. The ZYGOTE contains all the genetic information needed to become a baby... potential.

BRD: Do you mind being compared to other metal bands, such as Slipknot?

Stig: I never really regarded what I have done musically as “Metal“, even though my various bands have been accepted and appreciated by that particular genre even influencing it a bit apparently, but ZYGOTE was long gone years before Slipknot was conceived... But do I mind? ... Nah, not really!

BRD: What motivated you to rerelease your album?

Stig: Pine Hill Record got in touch with me in regards to re-releasing “A Wind of Knives “. So I got in touch with everybody else that was in ZYGOTE to see if everyone was happy with the idea, no one outright complained so, here we are! Also, everyone had their input on choice of colours for vinyl etc. Just to put things in perspective this was originally recorded almost 30 years ago!

BRD: Why did you choose to release the album in North America?

Stig: Because the opportunity presented itself and because... “why not?“ 😊

BRD: As a band that has been around for a while, how do you find working in today’s music scene?

Stig: Same Old Bollox it's always been!

BRD: Do you have plans to create a new album? What does the future look like for Zygote?

At the moment the future looks incredibly similar to the past!

Thanks Stig! And what a great past was the music of Zygote. We wish the rerelease of your album to be a resounding success.

Find the band Zygote and “Wind of Knives” on

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