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BRD Presents: An Interview With Mona Mur

Brutal Reality Digest got the opportunity to ask some interview questions to musical artist Mona Mur. What follows is her inspiring, timely, and relevant answers, in her own words!

BRD: Tell us a little bit about yourself and life in the music scene in Berlin.

MM: First of all – hello Alberta! I actually happened to play in Edmonton twice, had a fantastic time touring and crossing Canada. I am Mona Mur, a singer, guitar player, composer, music producer, 80s survivor, juggler, pirate.

I am not going out into any scene any more. I stay in my studio KATANA where I enjoy the utmost freedom, creating any music and sound I want. I also like to collaborate with colleagues like En Esch, a versatile and brilliant musician personality, who honours me from time to time with his presence.

Or Goldkind, my partner, with whom I wrote and created my last two albums – "SNAKE ISLAND" and "DELINQUENT". And then again, If I were starting out with music now, I'd of course recommend Berlin, with myriads of artists, cultures and a tolerant lifestyle. And, in comparison to many other metropolis, it still offers kind of affordable living conditions.

BRD: Snake Island is obviously rooted in the Industrial music genre. How do you think Industrial music has changed in the last 30 years? What do you think is the future for the Industrial genre?

MM: I don’t think the relevance of music lies in genres and style definitions. Rather, I feel, the aesthetic audaciousness and the emotional impact is crucial. For me personally, "Industrial" kicked off with "Throbbing Gristle" and "Einstürzende Neubauten" – a genuine mirror of a bleak, threatening, inhuman world of cold war and hot capitalism as well as environmental destruction already in full swing. So, regarding these topics, I can foresee a huge boom for new relevant music for the future, if we have such a thing.

BRD: It also is reminiscent of a Grunge aesthetic and we can appreciate that. Do you think Grunge is more of a lifestyle or is it all about the music?

MM: Grunge, why not. All this goes together. There were outstanding music personalities that are commonly associated with the label "grunge", like, Courtney Love and Hole, L7, who I totally love, and of course Kurt Cobain. These people are brilliant musicians and performers. They transcend their "genre" into something universal. This is what it’s about. Then and now.

BRD: On the album Snake Island there’s a cover of Motörhead’s Ace of Spades, it’s a great reinterpretation, and it’s definitely in all of your style. Are you inspired by Motörhead’s music? Did you ever meet Lemmy from Motörhead in person?

MM: No, unfortunately, I never met Lemmy. I am a bloody fan of Motörhead, in all line ups, so inspiring, original and funny.

BRD: Which track on your album did you have the best time creating? Do you have a favourite?

MM: For me, the whole thing is a huge painting.

BRD: Our favourite track on this album is Shades. Please tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind this song.

MM: So cool you like SHADES. It is a mean and sexy bastard. The German lyrics are quite sinister.

Here a rough translation-

The thoughts make the deeds

And the deeds make you free

The thoughts make the things

Which guide me, scream for me

The thoughts make the deeds

And the deeds make you high

I just disclosed my wish to you:

Soon we’re gonna die.

And the rusty guitar riff, it is so dirty and fun to play.

BRD: We have read that you have worked with the legendary artist FM Einheit. Do you also draw inspiration from their music?

MM: Einheit, together with Alexander Hacke and Mark Chung, were all in "Einstürzende Neubauten" in the early 80s. We hung out together and ended up creating the seminal 12 inch "Jeszcze Polska" as "Mona Mur & Die Mieter". ("Mona Mur & The Tenants") The rest is history. I still do occasional work with Einheit on art pieces and performances, there is also the "EINHEIT; ESCH & MUR" Vinyl EP "Terre Haute" from 2105 out on Rustblade Records, Bologna, Italy.

BRD: Where can our readers find/download your music?

MM: Go to GIVE/TAKE; my label in the US –

And to PLAYloud! - my label in Europe/Germany.

BRD: Do you have any plans to visit or tour Canada? And if not, when and where are you touring in future?

MM: I have friends and a home base in the wonderful town of Uxbridge, Ontario. The ideal starting point for a USA & Canada tour. I am at the moment looking into options for 2023.

BRD: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. What’s next for Mona Mur, will you be basking in the glory of Snake Island or are you already making plans for your next album?

MM: I have some film scoring coming up. And yes, after the album is before the album. Have a good time and warm regards from Berlin!


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