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Bops n Moss Chapter One: Purple Neon Lights

It started for us in a band. It actually started with a couple of text messages, but we didn’t know it. So the story starts with a band, but not our band. I was nineteen, scared and ready to go out on the town. That night, playing drums for my friend's band was the coolest, and most amazing drummer I had ever seen. I was starstruck and when we sat down at our table, was reduced to a stammering schoolgirl. As conversation floated around the table, the frontman mentioned that he needed a bass player. I volunteered immediately, even though I was a drummer with no experience and no bass.

The time with the band was strict and organized. We played what the frontman wrote during scheduled practices and weekly open mic performances. For the most part, we went along with the frontman’s expectations, but the drummer just had a flair that broke out from the dark, prog-rock box that we found ourselves in. He played melodically with groove and spirit and alongside the uptight frontman, it worked.

In our off time, I tried so hard to make conversation with the drummer but every time he was around I found myself forgetting how to speak. Eventually, we started texting more frequently. We talked about drums and music we liked and soon after we were able to hang out comfortably in person. Conversations turned to long walks at the college between classes, trips to the thrift store and late evenings under the stars. Bonds were formed and after a couple of months of adventures, I found myself with a boyfriend.

Band practices became more fun and often we would hang out with the frontman and his girlfriend. I was surrounded by music and people I liked. My studies were soaring along with my outlook on life and our music was really starting to take shape. The music was good and as a band, we were learning so much. I felt comfortable as if life was leading me somewhere new. But like any good story, nothing that good stays forever.

That December, after only being in the band for four months, the singer mysteriously removed me and my boyfriend from all social media. He left us with a message stating that we were no longer part of the band. That was the last time we heard from him for a very long time.

In the moment we were confused, sad and a bit hurt by the sudden change. On a hunch, I reached out to the frontman’s girlfriend and she confirmed that they had split up. His sudden shift towards us was his form of coping with their breakup. We didn’t get too involved. But our concern for both individuals ran high. Feelings of uselessness plagued both our minds as the weather grew colder and we decided all we could do was push forwards and hold each other close.

Without the band, we found that we missed getting to play original music. Through most of December, we mourned our losses and tried our best to enjoy the holiday season. Once January came around, I picked up a pen and tried to write a song. It was shaky, simple and soft but upon showing it to my boyfriend there was a spark of excitement. We could make music without the frontman.

In January of 2020, Bops n Moss was born. I was Moss and he was Bops, nicknames from the band before us. A subtle nod to our roots. Together, we were determined to become our own band with our own sound. We didn’t know what the road ahead would hold or what our sound would be, but there was excitement in the air as our musical journey began.

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