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“Ask the Dust” by Modern Shakes - A Review

Hello and happy Saturday! BRD hasn’t done a review for awhile so we thought we’d try one. Today for your Labour Day long weekend we bring to you our review of melodic punkers Modern Shakes’ new single Ask the Dust along with a handy Spotify link and YouTube video to boot. Modern Shakes hail from London, UK.

Ask the Dust is the first single release in their upcoming album that will hopefully be out soon. This track has some cool riffs and hooks in a rad melodic punk style being a strong first single that proves more great music is to come. Vocals are crisp and on time, the riffs on guitar are played with smooth speed and stellar rhythm. Drums keep the beat flowing while bass brings in a quality of sound. The song has us nodding along in appreciation, and the lyrics are catchy, candid notes of modern times. No doubt for us that this band rocks!

Here’s what the band has to say about the song: “Life can be turbulent at times, and we can unconsciously show resilience when presented with changes in the tides. The song explores life after uncomfortable events have settled and our ability to fight adversity.” And rightly so, Their album Someday, One Day from 2020 features the single Fair Do’s and the album did well despite the untimely release during the pandemic. Thankfully with the pandemic over, Modern Shakes rocks the UK with live shows and will be playing the “til the fest” punk festival in southeast London.

But if you don’t believe us, or them, have a listen for yourself with this Spotify link:

And if that isn’t proof enough, check out the YouTube video below. Until next time, this is Brutal Reality Digest, stay rad, stay sane, support punk music and as always, stay brutal!

Bonus: Linktree to all things Modern Shakes

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