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Alien in Exile #9

We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast and we are, the Alien in Exile, although we are coming to a bit of an understanding with some of the denizens of Earth and have relaxed our guard somewhat. We have already shared our perspective on friendship in blog #2. Nevertheless, today we would like to share with you our observations on a human phenomenon that we have in common with the inhabitants of Earth, and likely in common across the universe.

The perspective for today is: Dreams. This is another human word with multiple meanings and can mean involuntary ones of the sort that you may have while sleeping, or ones of a bigger nature that ties in with hope. Today we will focus on involuntary ones that come when you are sleeping. We share this phenomenon with humans and it has been a source of amusement as well as consternation for us. We have had many dreams and through our own analysis have determined that dreams must be important.

Humans have devoted a lot of time and study to dream analysis, but no one can say for sure where they originate. Most people believe that they are a product of the mind, perhaps only the subconscious asserting itself. Possibly this is true, and some of our own observations and analysis points in this direction. However we would like to share our inference on the origin of dreams.

Because we are alien, we believe that there are infinite possibilities in existence, and pre-existence as well as what ever comes after. Because time and space is like a circle and is infinite. We believe that dreams come from these infinite possibilities and could be an echo from parallel universes. That to us is the origin of dreams and may not be a product of the psyche but rather that the mind is a conduit for dreams to pass through.

Too far fetched for you? Remember that you are reading a blog written by an alien and although this blog appears to be our opinion, it is formed from careful observation. We digress, we mean to say that dreams must be important because we have the fanciful notion that everything happens for a reason, because a universe without meaning leads us to believe that we will never go home. We will not believe that, because we have hope, as we talked about in blog #8.

Dreams and possibilities are closely intertwined. Maybe we don’t need to interpret them, although it is an amusing thing to do. We are the Alien in Exile and we have dreams. Conclusion: If you can dream it, it is possible.

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