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Alien in Exile #7

It has not all been done before. This is a blog that seeks to offer you a unique perspective from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

If you are new to this blog we encourage you to read #1 and #2 of Alien in Exile for some more of our background and also why, as a singular being we refer to ourselves in plural form. That being said we are also alone in ourselves, as we still seem to be trapped here on this Earth. But we have learned to make the best of it and today we will share with you some more of our perspective and observations.

The perspective for today is: Intelligence. You may think that because we are alien, that we believe ourselves to be more intelligent. This is true. But we have encountered some humans more intelligent than ourselves, just in different ways. After much observation and study we have concluded that humans are not unintelligent, just unaware. For example: humans have much technology and science, but it is not available to every human equally. Our inference is that if every human had equal access to technology and science, humans would cease to feel superior over one another.

This seems to be a great problem on Earth, people believing they are superior or more intelligent or better than other people. We do not understand this, because humans on earth are all the same species with the same biology. It makes no sense for one human to feel better than another human. Just do some self reflection and share with one another and you will find that you are the same.

But we digress, we are here to talk about intelligence. We have found that each human possesses a different type of intelligence. A number of people that we have observed believe that intelligence is measured and is measured by IQ and proficiency in Academia. This is only one type of intelligence. Despite our extensive study, we have not been able to identify every type of intelligence in existence, it appears that the number is large, large enough to include every human on this planet. This leads us to conclude that everyone has their own type of intelligence and are therefore all equally intelligent.

We are the Alien in Exile and we want equality.

Conclusion: (humans) + (working together) x equality = intelligence

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