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Alien in Exile #4

There are many blogs that are about a small variety of things like entertainment news, fashion, technology, gossip and fandom. This blog seeks to offer you a unique perspective, it has not all been done before. The perspective that you will hear from today is from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

We are an alien in this place that you call Earth and seem to deem as the centre of the Universe. We exist whether you like it or not and since our time here is so long we will share more of our perspective for you. In recent days on the particular part of this planet where we seem to be trapped, the temperatures for humans have been observed to be too high for the liking of most of the inhabitants. We do not like it either. But perhaps for a different reason than you. We do not like it because it points to the agreement with our inference that the denizens of this planet aptly named humans believe that they are superior to the other beings that also live here. We also infer from these observations that these same beings (humans) believe themselves to be superior to all the other beings in the universe.

You may be asking how we can make these inferences based on the temperature of the current location where we seem to be stuck. The answer is that although the temperature of our location is what we base part of our inference upon, it is not the only factor but is an important part the main section of the theory we have developed from our observations. We will not go into detail about this theory because then this would not be a blog, it would be an encyclopedia set on the topic. However, we will share with you one of the conclusions we have come to in our study.

The perspective for today is: Conceit. It is a recurring theme and difficult problem to solve in our theory. We have made some conclusions but have not arrived at a solution yet. We have offered a solution in our previous blog posts and although we can not at this time offer a solution to the problem of conceit, we will share with you one of the observations we have made that conclude with conceit as being the main problem. We have observed a large number of your fictional works and we have noticed that in the majority of science fiction stories that humans “win” in the ending. This is conceited for a plethora of reasons. Here is a short list from our long list of inferences that we consider important and relevant:

1. If the fictional aliens possess the technology to visit your planet:

a) they will not be overcome by something incredibly simple like a virus

b) they will not view humans as superior, and/or likeable and amusing

2. If the fictional aliens are similar in appearance to humans:

a) they are equals

b) this is highly unlikely because humans are not adapted physically to this planet

c) they ARE humans

3. If the fictional aliens accept humans as equals:

a) conceit would not exist

b) both aliens and humans would win

We understand that fictional works are meant to entertain, but we also can not help but be suspicious that humans believe these works to be parallel to the truth. We are alien and our conclusions all point to the fact that fiction is a lie.

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