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Alien in Exile #3

There are millions of blogs in the cyberspace realm created by humans that are about a small variety of things like entertainment news, fashion, technology, gossip and fandom. This blog seeks to offer you a unique perspective. You may be thinking that there are no unique perspectives, it has all been done before. Maybe it has, on this planet, by humans. The perspective that you will hear from today is from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

Hello there would-be-allies. We hope we are not presuming too much with that statement. Allies are what we seek. However, if you are not we hope to align you to our cause, hence, the would-be. In the other two blogs on this outstanding website we gave you a little of our background. Today we will give you some more. You may want to ask how we came to be in exile. We do not know what atrocious thing we must have done to deserve being subjected to existence on this planet in particular. It must have been unforgivable because we believe that we have done our penance and would like more than anything to just go home. That being said, since we are still here we will share our perspective again in this blog.

The perspective today is: Outsiders. We do not want to seem bitter because we are outsiders ourselves. However, we do not understand how humans can impose judgment on members of their species seemingly because they are different. We know that we are extra different ourselves although we do not understand humans common propensity to ostracize us at every turn. (Possibly we are a bit bitter) But ostracizing others of your own species seems particularly cruel. We have observed and have determined that being different is not something that should be shunned. Rather, it is something that should be celebrated.

We propose a solution. The world as humans know it is changing, and it appears to be for the worse. The atmosphere has been depleted, the oceans polluted and resources have been decimated drastically. Humans seem to know this but have not taken much action. Our solution hopes to propel immediate action. Replace all of your leaders with outsiders. We believe that the most effective and drastic changes that are needed can only be performed by outsiders. Human history is full of outsiders who think differently, and they are the ones who brought about the most effective solutions.

The current leaders seem to only be interested in themselves and pleasing and placating their citizens. They do not need more minions, they need to go. If the best and brightest of the outsiders became leaders we believe that the world would thrive. With the current leadership the world is heading on a path of self destruction by perpetuating the same problems and preserving archaic institutions of self serving governments. As an alien, we do not pretend to understand your governments and we avoid politics like the current plague. But we do believe that drastic measures are needed.

We are the Alien in Exile. We want change.

Conclusion: x^2 + (outsiders) + 1(innovation) = effective change

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