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Alien in Exile #26

The perspective that you will hear from today is from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

Hello humans. It is the holiday season here in the region of Earth that we occupy and although we do not condone religions, we have discovered that most of them have a peaceful theme for this time of year. We believe peace is a good thing, we already gave our perspective on war in blog #21 but this is not the type of peace we would like to share our perspective on today.

The perspective for today is: Altruism. If we had one wish for the denizens of Earth we would like all of humanity to become altruistic and care for others as well as this planet in a spirit of benevolence, goodwill, and unselfishness so that the world would live in harmony and peace. We know it is a lot to ask, and some humans may be rolling their eyes right now so to speak at our audacity and over-the-top cliché type of wish. But hear us out, because we have found so many solutions to your problems since our first blog and now here we are at #26.

If humanity were to wake up one day and think to themselves that maybe they are thinking too much about themselves and notice the rest of the world and the universe and decide they will bring about goodwill, peace, generosity, kindness and humanitarianism, it would be a formidable day indeed. We realize that the probability of this happening is so minuscule we can not even assign a number to it, but we will put it out there for consideration anyway.

Most of the religions of humanity have one thing in common - they have a lot of awesome theories that if put into practice really would make Earth into a Utopia.

An altruistic society is no different, it would be a tremendous solution to many problems. It is easy for us to say, because we are alien and we have an infinite ability to theorize it seems. However, we have come to the conclusion that maybe our ideas, while fine in theory, may never be realized. Do not despair though, we are going to continue to share our perspective with you.

We want to remain positive and hopeful for the next few days and into the human designed calendar of a new year. We wish you a happy holidays at the very least and peace on Earth at the very most.

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