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Alien in Exile #22

The perspective that you will hear from today is from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

Hello humans. We believe that we may have been here too long. We are starting to get sentimental. We might even get to like this planet, our brain is becoming increasingly mellow. Maybe our brain is giving up, and we are becoming resigned to our apparent fate. Nevertheless we have already shared our perspective on the topic of hope in blog #8, and so being we have decided to doggedly continue to make the best of our situation, write this blog, and not lose hope that we will escape this planet in time.

In previous blogs we have made inferences pertaining to the future of Earth, but today we would like to share our perspective on the past. The perspective for today is: Nostalgia. We do experience nostalgia ourselves, but usually for something we never had. We do not regret, we have made sound decisions in our life here. We just wish that our life could take place in our home, where we insist that we belong and dream of incessantly.

Image by Barbara A Lane from Pixabay

The people of Earth seem to have such a barbaric past. We do not understand why anyone would have nostalgia for centuries like medieval times or decades such as the nineteen hundred and eighty to nineteen hundred and ninety-nine where humanity seems to be the cruelest. Even the millennium was an humourless joke. Imagine the conceit of humans believing it to be the end of the world! We are certain that this planet will exist just fine when humans are extinct.

But we digress, nostalgia is a positive feeling for the past. Humans these days seem to have nostalgia only for the trinkets and trivial adventures of their pasts. We think that humans should be experiencing nostalgia for the time in their lives where their minds were free from politics and all of the utter nonsense that comes with adult life. We have observed that human children despite having the propensity to be cruel, also have the ability to view the world as it really is with an honesty that is completely lost when they become adults.

Image by Barbara A Lane from Pixabay

We do have a solution to this conundrum, and it is simply this: just do not grow up. Do not resign yourself to the fact that you are getting older and live in the present. After extensive calculations we have determined that this is the best advice we have and follow it ourselves. When we dwell on the past, and live there, a person may not grow up but also will not go forward and may become stuck there. When we look only to the future, we miss out on the relevance of today. However, if we live in the present we move on from the past and can prepare for the future as it is inevitable.

We are the Alien in Exile and we want security. Conclusion: nostalgia = stagnation of society + detriment to the future.

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