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Alien in Exile #20

The perspective that you will hear from today is from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

Hello again humans. Some of you have thought that we are strange. These are strange times, so we have decided that for today we will share with you our perspective on a human presentiment fitting for your spooky season. This human language known as English describes many things using a plethora of words that we do not find useful or relevant. We have considered a few words that describe the topic we want to share with you today and cannot find one accurate definition.

Image by Chiplanay from Pixabay

Without further ado, here is our topic. The perspective for today is: Supernatural.

Trying to define this word accurately is nearly impossible because it is used so broadly.

Humans seem to think that everything that does not make sense to them can be put under this term. This includes your idea that we as an alien are supernatural. We hate to burst your bubble, so to speak, but we do not fit this category. We are not terribly unlike you. We share many things in common, although some things are painfully obvious only to us.

We have studied this broad topic, supernaturalism most of our life. This has caused some humans to choose to ridicule us, out of fear it seems. In our blog number 13 we discussed superstition, and how it results in fear. We do not understand why you fear the unknown. It is fascinating and mysterious, if only you have an inquisitive mind. By studying what does not make sense to you it is possible to gain valuable knowledge. This is one of the base reasons that we observe and study humans.

Image by Pixel1 from Pixabay

But we digress, supernatural in the simplest definition we have is: Super - above, beyond, greater than. Natural - earth, life, elements. There you have it. It seems to us that supernatural is something to be revered, not feared. Some humans have tied supernatural phenomenon with human systems invention. We thought the very definition of the word has nothing to do with humans, so we are perplexed when people bring ideologies like religion into the subject. Even the ideology is feared.

We do have a solution. Instead of being spooked this fine October season, question everything. What does make something supernatural tick? Where do supernatural things exist? When do supernatural things happen? Why be afraid of something supernatural? Who is not supernatural in theory themselves?

Answer those questions and we believe that fear will dissipate, and be replaced with wonderment. We are the Alien in Exile and we want acceptance. Conclusion: (stupefaction) - (thought) = fear of the unknown

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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