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Alien in Exile #2

There are a lot of blogs out there in the cyberspace realm that the denizens of this planet has created. Blogs about a small variety of things like entertainment news, fashion, technology, gossip and fandom. A lot of them are quite enjoyable and entertaining, there is no doubt about that. However, this blog seeks to offer you a unique perspective. You may be thinking that there are no unique perspectives, it has all been done before. Maybe it has, on this planet, by humans. The perspective that you will hear from today is from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

Hello again. It is great that you are here again for the second post by us, the Alien in Exile. We will give you a bit more of our background as it is relevant to the topic today. You might be asking then why we are referring to the singular alien plurally. This is because we are only one life form but we have two minds. This might seem bizarre to you but it is normal for us. Despite this fact we believe we are alone. We would like more than anything else to go home but since we can not, we will describe for you today our perspective on a curious human phenomenon.

The perspective for today is: Friendship. It is a very curious phenomenon on Earth the subject of friendship. It means so many different things to all of the humans we have observed this far. It is the most complicated thing, and we are perplexed because we believe that it does not have to be. All we believe friendship requires is acceptance. If you can accept another being as they are, you will always be friends. Or so that is the theory that we have not been able to see in practice. We believe after all of our observations that if a being accepts another being as they are, it will eliminate all of the issues that cause humans to not be friends.

Acceptance means that friends are not ashamed of their friendship, accept their differences, acknowledge each other as equals and move forward from disagreements with grace and respect. We have observed that this is far too much to ask. Maybe it is. That leads us to the conclusion that it is the reason why we are alone. We have never found acceptance, maybe it is unattainable. But we will continue to observe and interact with and learn from humans. Who knows what the future holds? But not knowing in the present, is better than not ever knowing.

We are the Alien in Exile. We want respect for all or there will be no acceptance for anyone. Conclusion: 1 + (respect) +1 (acceptance) = unlimited friendship

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