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Alien in Exile #16

It has not all been done before. This is a blog that seeks to offer you a unique perspective from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

Hello there, humans. In light of recent events, and because we have noticed that humans seem discouraged, we will keep this blog on the positive side. We have shared our perspective on a few of the finer things on this planet that we have discovered and we will continue with that theme today. Some of the things we have observed are human inventions, qualities related to humans and this particular planet. We would like to tell you that all is not lost, however we do not know if it is or not. We have theories though and we will continue to share them with you.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

The perspective for today is: Comfort. For today however, we want to focus on a human invention that we have calculated a statistic for the effectiveness of it to provide comfort. The calculation is that 9.5247 times out of 10 observations or 95% of the time we have observed the invention in action the invention is effective for helping us, personally, to feel better. Because we are alien we understand that not everyone will feel comfort from the same things as us. However, for the humans on earth that we have observed enjoying this invention the consensus is inevitable.

We are talking about ice cream. We understand that not all humans can consume this invention or even enjoy it although we can not understand why, if it is palatable and safe for you to consume, why you would not. To us, it is the greatest of the slightly less than healthy dietary inventions. All recipes that we have personally experienced have been stellar except for two flavours of which we do not like, in any recipe. They are: strawberry, and cotton candy. Now we do enjoy the fruit berry known as the strawberry, in the natural form of it. However it is most unpleasant to us when humans try to simulate it.

Image by Yukimi Yokoyama from Pixabay

Cotton candy is also a human invention, and we enjoy it as well in an ordinary state of it being. However good it is at a carnival, it does not make a good flavour for ice cream although we have tried to like it. Our conclusion from these observations is that generally ice cream is good, and a source of comfort and feelings of well being for us, and we only need to avoid those 2 flavours. This has been very helpful for us in dealing with the doldrums of life on Earth although we try to use it sparingly.

Comfort is a natural phenomenon, although we are afraid of it becoming addictive. We believe that in high and/or multiple doses that comfort may cease to be a positive thing. So we do give ourselves small doses and try not to rely on it. Man, oh man though, ice cream is a fine utopian dessert.

We are the Alien in Exile and we want happiness. Conclusion: 2 x (Alien comfort) + 1 x (human comfort) x [(ice cream)] = satisfaction

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