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Alien in Exile #12

The perspective that you will hear from today is from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

What should we call you, our audience? Earth dwellers, inhabitants of this planet, denizens of Earth? We hesitate to call you Earthlings, it seems so tacky. We really have no idea how to refer to you in these blogs. Henceforth we will take the simplest route and just call you humans, or just people in general. We consider ourselves people too, a person if you like. Person is a loose term for us though, we have met some so-called animals who deserve the title of person. We still know all too well that we are outsiders, although we exist amongst humanity quite well, or so we like to believe. There is much about humans we do not understand though, but we are trying.

Which brings us to the topic for today, the perspective we want to cover today is: Gossip. As far as we can tell, the definition for this term is not always perceived as bad by humans. In fact, humans seem to believe it is perfectly fine to gossip and talk about other humans who are in a different social class, that group being celebrities. The amount of media devoted to celebrity gossip astounds us! We do not understand why people care so much about the lives of actors and humans who possess large amounts of money.

We are firm believers in equality and feel intensely sorry for humans who are considered celebrities. What a terrible existence to be always in the centre of public scrutiny. We believe they are equals and should be treated as such. Humans should show the same level of respect for celebrities as they show for persons with more prestigious jobs like your local librarian. Now there is a more coveted job, we have never once heard gossip about librarians and they are fortunate to be working in an environment of learning and knowledge. We applied once to work at the nearest library to our location, but they would not even accept our resume.

Humans do seem to like to gossip about other humans who are not celebrities as well, but this form of gossip has unique aspects of cruelty even with humans who consider one another equals. We have only one thing to say about all of this: mind your own business. If you exist only to complain about or spy on the lives of others you should take a look in the mirror and determine what it is that makes you more special or superior to other humans. Then you may join us as outsiders, but at least be satisfied that you are different, and quit your blathering and judgment about the lives of other people.

We do realize that our opinion may make us more unpopular than we already are, but it is not a stretch by any means. We are the Alien in Exile and we say again: we want equality.

Conclusion: Gossip = zero respect

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