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Alien in Exile #10

Greetings and salutations to the readers of this blog today! We almost did not summon up the energy to share our perspective, we are very tired. Weary of the trials and tribulations of being an alien in exile, and weary of this world. However, we are doing the best we can to stay positive, and we have decided that this blog is a positive force amongst the drivel that is popular culture. We do not mean to insult your fandom, but we are weary of all of the stories we are bombarded with of your political leaders. How they ever rose to celebrity is beyond us.

But we digress, we are here to share our perspective. Today we would like to share with you some of our views on human emotion. We also experience emotion, sometimes it seems too much. The perspective for today is: Love. This is a word that is meant to describe a human emotion that most of the people of Earth believe is the most important. We have observed this phenomenon on such a minute scale over the years of observation that we have come to the conclusion that it is not the most important emotion. Our inference is that if it really was so important it would be in abundance and this planet would be a utopia.

You may be thinking that our definition of love must be incorrect. On the contrary, we have exhausted all of the information on the subject and know the meaning of the word. However the emotion is elusive, and we can not say for certain if it exists for our species. That being said, we have made a discovery and after much careful calculation we have determined that it is possible for this planet to become a utopia. But love will not achieve this, instead we believe that respect is what is needed to dispel the apathy.

To have respect means to regard highly and to show concern for this planet and the people and creatures who inhabit it and accept this as a responsibility. In this way, if there were enough people who cared, maybe this world would be perfect. That is the opinion of this alien, and some may say it is opinion only. It is very easy to slide into apathy, but we would like to tell humans not to give up the good fight, because a great future is possible.

Conclusion: (respect) x (responsibility) + (care) = posterity

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