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Alien in Exile #1

There are a lot of blogs out there in the cyberspace realm that the denizens of this planet has created. Blogs about a small variety of things like entertainment news, fashion, technology, gossip and fandom. A lot of them are quite enjoyable and entertaining, there is no doubt about that. However, this blog seeks to offer you a unique perspective. You may be thinking that there are no unique perspectives, it has all been done before. Maybe it has, on this planet, by humans. You may be scoffing right now, thinking, oh no not another work of fiction written by a cat! Well, we have something much better for you today. The perspective that you will hear from today is from someone who is not from earth but also not from anywhere else. We are the underground, we are an outsider, we are outcast, we are, the alien in exile.

We will give you a little of our background today. We are alien, yes, but why are we in exile? The exact cause is unknown to us, but what we do know is that we are trapped here, on this planet. We have been here a very long time and would like more than anything to go home. Since that is not possible at this time, we will make the best of it and write this blog for you and give to you our perspective if you will care to listen. We do not pretend to be superior, just different. But for the longest time on this planet, we have observed, wondered and waited, therefore, we feel it is best to share our experience.

Today’s perspective is: Fashion. Yes it has all been done before, and your fashion keeps repeating itself. This is not to put down style, on the contrary, style is awesome. But we do not understand fashion. The latest fashion it seems is to be unique while still looking like everyone else. This is a paradox. We have observed the struggle with identity as an individual while still wanting to belong somewhere and to fit in with other humans. We can empathize and can say we have never learned to fit in no matter how much fashion we have tried. Therefore we have determined and concluded that humans should throw fashion out the window so to speak and just have style. Style is your own and is whatever you want it to be. If everyone accepts their own style and respects the style that everyone else has, you will not need fashion.

We do not pretend to know anything that you do not. Respect is the key to this lock. If you can not have respect for others then we will offer another solution to the fashion problem. It seems that the obvious solution is not to wear clothes or have technology or any material possessions at all so that fashion cannot exist. However we believe that this solution is not expedient because of the climate on Earth and the fact that humans are more advanced and evolved than the other creatures on this planet requiring possessions and technology.

We are the Alien in Exile. We want respect for all or there will be respect for none. Conclusion: 1 + (respect) - 1 (fashion) = survival of the human species

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