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A wonderful visit with Sean Nolan and the Heartmakers

An interview with Brooklyn's best kept secret

Brutal Reality is a Central Albertan publication but we are always keeping our eyes and ears out for cool things across the globe. We are here to hype and hype we shall do! If shows are ever allowed again and if you find yourself brave enough to enter America and more specifially, Brooklyn, New York, be sure to try to catch a Sean Nolan and the Heartmakers show! You won't regret it!


BRUTAL REALITY DIGEST: What the heck is a Heartmaker?

SEAN NOLAN: As big fans of Tom Petty, we wanted to sort of pay homage and also have a little fun. I also like the idea of playing the role of a heartmaker as opposed to a heartbreaker. Not to say we haven't broken our fair share.

BRD: Is Brooklyn the best borough?

SN: I've lived in Brooklyn for ten years now and I'm a fan for sure. What I don't know is which is the best... Maybe I'll move and try out the others.

BRD: How old were you when you wrote your first song?

SN: When I was twelve years old my dad told me he'd "allow" me to save my own money to buy an electric guitar. So, I delivered newspapers and saved and did just that. Soon after, I wrote my first song. Obviously it was a miserable piece of music. But, yeah, twelve or thirteen.

BRD: What is your least favourite song on the radio right now?

SN: Honestly, I can't remember the last time I listened to the radio. Generally speaking I'm not a fan of most pop music. That being said, there are obviously exceptions. What I find particularly exhausting is the number of bands and artists who seem to ride on each other's shoulders. What I mean is, something truly unique has become increasingly rare.

BRD: What's your go-to cover song to perform?

SN: I know it's strange, but in the five years we've been in this band, we haven't played a single cover song. Personally, I'm not really a fan of them. I think they're tough to do well.

BRD: What was the worst show you ever took part in?

SN: Shows can be hit or miss, but I can't say there has ever been a "worst" one. Honestly, at this point during lockdown I'd do anything for a shot at playing a lousy show again. Some venues have definitely been worse than others, though. Our least favorite venue had to be this place called Fat Baby. The bathroom was always flooding. The whole place smelled terrible. And the sound was lousy.

BRD: What was the BEST show you ever took part in?

SN: Knitting Factory in Brooklyn is by far our favorite venue to play. Great people. Great spot. Hoping to play there again once things calm down.

BRD: What is an urban legend from your neighborhood?

SN: Not sure if this counts, but one of the previous tenants of my childhood home committed suicide out back before we'd moved in. We didn't find out until later. That place was definitely haunted.

BRD: How many TV series have you crushed this year?

SN: The television and I have a love/hate relationship. For the most part I'm usually revisiting Cheers and Seinfeld. That being said, I did watch Ozark on Netflix. Loved that one.

BRD: What can people expect from your band as we finish off this nightmare year?

SN: Once It's safe to do so, we'll be heading back into the studio to continue recording. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later.

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