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a poem and opinion

Updated: May 20, 2022

a poem:

bargain dreams

playing live music

writing poems

designing graphics

being your bona fide self

and opinion:

There is a story here, and it starts with Mike and Alison. Two new-to-me discoveries, but ones already cherished. Their reputations proceed them, and they are the epitome of lived experience.

One of the things I notice about people in life is their agency… Do they choose their actions in spite of the cost? Are they genuine? In my opinion, Alison and Mike are agents for real. #Respect.

Last night this couple hung out at my place, and I got to experience, for the first time in a long time, raw live music. I am here for it. I felt so blessed to have people bare their art with me. As an added bonus, I got treated to a two-part, kick-ass conversation. I felt connection, a commonality, a kinship. To paraphrase Mike, “I bought a dream the first time I walked into a music store. I have to live it.”

Here is where Alison shines. We talked social media, and to all interested parties, she offered sage advice. Her insight and commitment to expressing and communicating her authentic self is next level. Is she not brave? She has principles. In this era. She is a testimony to perseverance and integrity.

Talk about a duo for post-covid! They are rock stars. Honest and hard-working, the definition of Albertan. Guy meets girl, becomes friend-zoned for damn near a decade, does not give up, girl and guy get together, marry, start formulating and following a dream in the new economy. They are blue collar royalty, and if they unleash their super-powers, we will all be better for it.

Joshua Wiebe

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