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a parody of the poem "get drunk and f*ck"

As many of our dear readers know, our blog writer Joshua Wiebe writes explicitly wonderful poetry, usually on Thursdays. Today is Thursday, and we here at BRD would love to have for you another quality minimalist poem by our esteemed author Joshua. Unfortunately for all of us, Joshua has the day off, so instead we can only offer you this paltry parody of one of Joshua’s poems. This is my attempt at writing “get drunk and f*ck”

get cowpunked and no luck





Joe buck yourself

and your 3rd cousin Susie

I can’t be sure

but I think

no one


had sex

while a

banjo played

sorry Susie

but I can’t



at this riff

toodleoo hee hoo

while I

bone you

Alright, now I am sure that you are all groaning with dismay at the atrocity above you just read. But before you stab your eyes out, know this, it’s not easy to write a minimalist poem. Sure, it looks like a few good words strung together that somehow make sense. However, it takes talent and a skill with words that is often backed by an education in literature. All of these things Joshua has in abundance and I hope for all of our sakes that he will be back next week with another poetry post. Until then, the credit for the above butchery of a cool poem goes to A. Forsberg. Sorry, not sorry.

Here is the track that inspired the parody:

Stay brutal!

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