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a gorgeous doom

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

the night must end


dawn begins


is the origin

of a gorgeous doom


we are entertained

by death

in dynamic colour

Every Autumn I am reminded about the beauty of a dying season. I look forward to this time, not so much pumpkin spice or Halloween, but I do enjoy September. This September has been about as perfect of a fall month as we can expect. There are wonderful colours about, cool breezes blowing, and kind of an adjustment in the populace to the holidays. People are starting to talk about Thanksgiving, time with family and friends, even noting how many days there are until Christmas. The grilling season is winding down, as are backyard campfires. On a warm day during the weekend, if you are outside, you will often smell smoke as you wander the neighborhood, watching teenagers steal apples off their neighbor's trees. Good times.

But make no mistake about it, as much as we find pleasure in Autumn, it is a season of maturation, transition, and death. Those beings born in Spring have reached adulthood and are now preparing for their first winter or migration. The leaves on the trees have reached the end of their lifespan and are no longer able to withstand the force of gravity, falling gently to the ground, forever to be forgotten. The harvest is coming in.

I do not think death has to be ugly, it can be beautiful when approached in the right light. We can view it as permanent destruction, something to be avoided as long as possible, or we can look at death as some form of transition, hopefully into a new life better than what we experienced here. It is my hope that this passage happens peacefully and comfortably for all of you. I wish you, reader, well. Enjoy what remains of Fall!

Joshua Wiebe

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