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A Cultured Interview with Mr. Fartface

An extremely dignified conversation with the Belgian Punk Rockers

Brutal Reality Digest has always held an interest in high culture so when we discovered Belgian's own Mr. Fartface was available for interviews, we jumped at the chance! Fresh off a new single with a music video, the boys were eager to talk all things Fartface! Check it out below!

BRUTAL REALTY DIGEST: Ok. I have to ask. What's the story of the name?

MR. FARTFACE: Well it was a long marketing process. We wanted to have a bad name. Fartface came up really early and then, the Mr. was really important. Mr.Fartface is the kind of dude who's pissing you off, the good example at the moment is Donald Trump.

BRD: Aside from stalking Jean Claude van Damme, what's something fun to do in Brussels?

MFF: Our shows are definitely a source of fun in Brussels. You can also see Manneken Pis, have a (good) beer in the city, discover some classic bars and when things get better, you can go to the best venue in Europe, l’Ancienne Belgique.

BRD: When I went to Groezrock, I drank a lot of Jupiler beer. Is that good stuff or what should I have been drinking instead?

MFF: Well it's not bad but it's like the ‘cola’ of the beers here. You have to try some special beers. They are stronger but its tastier and you can have a really good time with a bunch of them. Try the Troll’s, for real. But in a festival, Jupiler is the best choice you can do, well done, we are proud.

BRD: Do you know my friends in Charlie Bit My Finger? If so, tell them Josh from Trashed Ambulance says Hi and if not, maybe you should know them! Is this a question?

MFF: Thib, the singer, is a big fan of them. Actually, in our album's making of, you can see him all the time with the tee shirt of the band. It's an amazing band, we really want to play with them! So Josh from Trashed Ambulance says hi and, do you want to play with us boys? Lets party!

* We will check your band too, nice name.

BRD: Another thing I remember about Brussels is the Pissing Boy statue. Please explain what the heck that is about!

MFF: The legend says that Bruxelles was on fire in the 1700’s and the boy saved the city by just pissing on the fire. So you know what Belgians firefighters are up to.

BRD: What is the funnest show you've ever played?

MFF: I think it might be Charleroi. Martin’s amp was down so he took the mic, was in his underwear and just screamed the lyrics during all the show, really hardcore. The crowd took him and the rest is history.

BRD: Where's a city that you haven't yet played but would love to?

MFF: Probably Los Angeles, it could be a great show and I think our style can be suitable for the crowd.

BRD: How many languages can you speak?

MFF: 3! French, English and Dutch!

BRD: If you could steal one song and claim it as your own, which one would it be?

MFF: The first that comes to my mind could be Dammit by Blink 182. Such a perfect song, really nice lyrics too, all the instruments are great and its a timeless classic.

BRD: What can the world expect from Mr. Fartface in the future?

MFF: Well, a lot of fun of course but we are actually working on our new songs. We will release some singles before our big next project, the second album in 2021 and hopefully a tour. If you see this, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and come to our shows, have fun, take care of each other and share some love dammit. Thanks a lot for having us again <3

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