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On Justin Trudeau

Today's mixtape:

My family is far-flung, as are some of my friends. Accordingly, I spend time on the phone, catching up. There are times my cell conversations range from politics to religion, and of course, to the environment. One of the topics that is often raised is Justin Trudeau. It would be fair for the reader to wonder how someone like myself regards our Prime Minister. Wonder no longer, friends.

First, let me say I want to like Mr. Trudeau. I want to defend him against the nasty, right-wing trolls. I feel for anyone who is as hated as he, but he makes defence quite difficult with his brash incompetence. It would seem he has no plan for our economy other than printing money. His ideas may sound good at first impression, but ideas, as a friend would say, have consequences. They also must be financed.

There are only two ways a nation can pay for social programs: Run a consistent surplus/ have a high tax rate, or go into debt. Those are the options. Therefore we must balance social interest with economic reality. Justin Trudeau is making promises that possess the potential to bankrupt future generations of Canadians. I would not be remotely objective were I not to acknowledge the degrees of ineptitude and lack of foresight of his government.

Not being able is only one of the complaints against our Prime Minister; there are multiple ethics breaches to consider as well. Personally, I do not believe the Official Opposition is more moral than Mr. Trudeau, they may just do a better job of covering their asses. Yet it appears Trudeau is either so arrogant to believe he cannot be chastised, or he is too stupid to appreciate the consequences of his mistakes.

Let me be clear; I think social programs are good, and I would like more of them, but the cheques must be cashed. Without our government significantly raising taxes in the very near future, there will not be sufficient funding for these programs. Speaking as a person who has an uncanny ability to create debt, allow me to assert that a nation deeply in arrears will cease to function with any amount of efficiency or leverage.

Alas, there does not seem to be any decent option in the next election cycle. Pierre Poilievre is a monstrosity, and Jagmeet Singh has yet to instill confidence. I prefer the Liberal platform to any other in a federal election, but these Liberals have shot themselves in the foot with their repeated acts of arrogance and corruption. What are we do do?

If you are willing, consider this question and respond in the comment section.


Joshua Wiebe

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