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we must be


with killing

the planet

as long as

we die rich

While the title of the poem and ensuing post is "ddt," consider this blog a commentary on the current state of affairs in agriculture and industry across the planet. Clearly, we have room to improve. Not only that, in my opinion, we must improve our practices and with great speed. I like to eat, and I enjoy modern luxuries, but our entitlement and unwillingness to sacrifice, even a little, in order to ensure the future of the human race is incredible.

I cannot decide if this destructive bent is due to short-sightedness, corporate greed or just plain consumerism. It is probably a combination of the three, but damn. Since the industrial revolution, we have succeeded in undoing the work of billions of years of evolutionary progress in less than 2 centuries, give or take.

Be afraid. For your children are going to inherit a hostile climate and planet that will be increasingly volatile and difficult to manage, let alone thrive on. In our own lifetimes we will witness, to varying degrees, the rapid de-evolution of our environment and, dare I say, species. To quote an 80's song on the spectre of nuclear winter, "the future is so bright, I gotta wear shades."

Joshua Wiebe

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