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10 Punks - 10 Questions - Naethon "Pert Plus" Pertelson

Welcome to the BRD Original Series - 10 Punks - 10 Questions!

Things have been sleepy in Brutal Land lately but don't even consider fretting because those days are over. We are pleased to present a brand new series that will hopefully bring a small amount of joy to your lives for at least the 10 days and beyond. Resident drunk/brute, Josh Hauta, has harassed 10 of his pals in the music scene with 10 questions and this is the glorious result. So hop into your coziest of PJ pants, grab a Radler, and prepare to be entertained!


Well we advertise as a zine for Central Albertans so we better have at least one local dude involved in this series, eh? Allow us to introduce Naethon Pertelson - aka Pert Plus, Pert Daddy, The Orange Menace, etc. Oh wait, you already know him! He's a Brute but did you know he also plays banjo at sock hops across the nation? It might be true. We better ask him!

BRUTAL REALITY DIGEST: Identify yourself, your band, and your weapon of choice.

NAETHON PERTELSON: Naethon Pertelson, County23, banjo.

BRD: What is your favourite part of the city/town you live in?

NP: It's the people I have made friends with here. There are so many talented, artistic people here and I'm grateful to know a few.

BRD: What is the worst part about the city/town you live in?

NP: We need more culture. It definitely has gotten better over the last few years but always room for improvement.

BRD: What is your favourite line from the Star Wars saga?

NP: Yub nub, or Maclunkey.

BRD: What is the coolest show your band has played?

NP: Its a toss up. I love playing the olive , and I loved playing LV'S.

BRD: What is the shittiest or most hilarious show your band has played?

NP: We played a show where everyone was way older then our usual age group. Like way, way older. Like the majority of them couldn't stand up if they wanted to. It was actually nerve racking but turned out to be a fun show. We were received well...... I think.

BRD: Who do you think is the most underrated band out there?

NP: Had to be The Offsailors. Red Deer's greatest punk band that no one has heard of.

BRD: What's your "safety net" stage banter?

NP: "Shit I need to tune" then dead silence as I fumble with my strings for 15 minutes. Actually, Don does most of the banter. He has a knack for it.

BRD: If you could be any Pokemon, which one would you fuck? I mean be.

NP: What's a pokemon? Is that a racial slur?

BRD: If your band could tour with any living or dead band in history, who would it be?

NP: Sorry I don't listen to music. I hate it.


Don't do what Donny Don't does.

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