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10 Punks - 10 Questions - Josh Wallace

Welcome to the BRD Original Series - 10 Punks - 10 Questions!

Things have been sleepy in Brutal Land lately but don't even consider fretting because those days are over. We are pleased to present a brand new series that will hopefully bring a small amount of joy to your lives for at least the 10 days and beyond. Resident drunk/brute, Josh Hauta, has harassed 10 of his pals in the music scene with 10 questions and this is the glorious result. So hop into your coziest of PJ pants, grab a Radler, and prepare to be entertained!


Fiiiiiine. We'll head back down to Calgary - the Yeehaw City. A city so redneck there is a saddle on their hockey arena but it's not all bad - there's also a couple decent punk bands within those city limits! One of them, Bring on the Storm, contains a very nice young man named Josh Wallace who agreed to be interviewed by us! Although, after he sees me shitting all over his city (you know we're kidding around, right?) he may have second thoughts. But too late! You're stuck on this page forever now! Let's admire him one more time and then dive into the interview!

BRUTAL REALITY DIGEST: Identify yourself, your band, and your weapon of choice.

JOSH WALLACE: My name is Josh Wallace and I play in Bring on the Storm. I’m pretty partial to claymores but failing that I’ve been known to slap the bass. 

BRD: What is your favourite part of the city/town you live in?

JW: Calgary has a very small town vibe compared to other major Canadian cities but it’s still big enough that there’s pretty much something for everyone here. I also love it’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the fact that we have Tubby Dog. 

BRD: What is the worst part about the city/town you live in?

JW: The amount of construction. Detours just run into new construction sites like some sort of sick joke. 

BRD: What is your favourite line from the Star Wars saga?


BRD: What is the coolest show your band has played? 

JW: Opening for Satanic Surfers was a very cool experience. That was also the first show my mom attended and she was so impressed with how many people were there. I let her believe they came to see us. 

BRD: What is the shittiest or most hilarious show your band has played?

JW: Waterloo, Ontario comes to mind. The sound guy didn’t have enough XLR cables and told me I could either plug in the bass rig or my mic but definitely not both. I recall the promoter dipping out before the first band even played. We also played in Red Deer to about 3 people. We still had a good time but it must have looked pretty comical to see more people onstage than in the crowd. 

BRD: Who do you think is the most underrated band out there?

JW: Living with Lions. How are they not the biggest band in Canada?

BRD: What's your "safety net" stage banter?

JW: Generic sports talk or extreme self deprecation. 

BRD: If you could be any Pokemon, which one would you fuck? I mean be.

JW: Pikachu... that’s the only Pokémon I can name. Thanks Ryan Reynolds!

BRD: If your band could tour with any living or dead band in history, who would it be?

JW: We’d sell our souls just to play one show with Propagandhi so doing a whole tour with them would be a dream. Definitely the biggest influence musically on us.


Eat the meek and savor the taste.

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