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10 Punks - 10 Questions - James Myer

Welcome to the BRD Original Series - 10 Punks - 10 Questions!

Things have been sleepy in Brutal Land lately but don't even consider fretting because those days are over. We are pleased to present a brand new series that will hopefully bring a small amount of joy to your lives for at least the 10 days and beyond. Resident drunk/brute, Josh Hauta, has harassed 10 of his pals in the music scene with 10 questions and this is the glorious result. So hop into your coziest of PJ pants, grab a Radler, and prepare to be entertained!


Well, yesterday we headed up the QE2 to chat with an Edmonton fellow so now let's rip down south to the Windy City! No, not Chicago. We are speaking, of course, about Lethbridge. Did you forget about it all tucked away down there? Well it's still there and James Myer is living proof. When he's not torturing basses in such bands as Sessions and Berzerker, you can find him answering questions below!

BRUTAL REALITY DIGEST: Identify yourself, your band, and your weapon of choice.

James Myer. Sessions. Bass and occasional yelling

BRD: What is your favourite part of the city/town you live in?

JM: Lethbridge is cool because we’ve got a really big bridge, and also bridge in the city name. Plus the river under that big bridge is pretty sweet.

BRD: What is the worst part about the city/town you live in?

JM: They don’t let you climb the big bridge, and they get mad at you if you try. It’s kind of a tease, really.

BRD: What is your favourite line from the Star Wars saga?

JM: Obi-Wan: I will do what I must.

Anakin: You will try...

BRD: What is the coolest show your band has played?

JM: The last show on our last little tour at The Buckingham in Edmonton with Grizzly Trail, The Moröns, and Western Frontline was pretty damn fun. Lots of people out, sick venue, good bands, good friends, good times.

BRD: What is the shittiest or most hilarious show your band has played?

JM: We played a show in Calgary one time where people just hated us. We were the only punk band on the bill, there was a bunch of indie bands with us. People went outside mostly during our set, it was pretty funny. Plus there was some problem with front of house where my bass kept cutting out, so that was cool. We drank quite a bit though and still had a good time.

BRD: Who do you think is the most underrated band out there?

JM: I think Choke should have been way more famous than they were/are.

BRD: What's your "safety net" stage banter?

JM: I talk about my butt pretty much every time you put a microphone in front of me. This habit almost cost me my old job as a radio DJ.

BRD: If you could be any Pokemon, which one would you fuck? I mean be.

JM: The answer to both is Charizard.

BRD: If your band could tour with any living or dead band in history, who would it be?

JM: Millencolin. We like Millencolin so much we wrote a song about them. We called it Millencolin.


Be sure to wash your hands and be excellent to each other!

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