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10 Ladies - 10 Questions - Shell

Welcome to the BRD Original Series - 10 Ladies - 10 Questions!

Hey everyone! Do you like music? Of course you do! Perhaps you remember our last series entitled "10 Punks, 10 Questions." It was a great time and highlighted many of the great punk rock musicians in our province. The only problem was, much like the parties I hosted as a 20 year old, it was a total bro fest. Not that there's anything wrong with that but anyone who's been out to a show in Alberta can confirm that is only a small sliver of what this great scene has to offer. This new series will focus on 10 rad ladies in the Alberta music scene and I hope you find your new favourite artist over the next 2 weeks! So once again, I implore you to hop into your coziest of PJ pants, grab a Radler, and prepare to be entertained!


Let's head back to BRD's home base and meet Shell - ukulele destroyer! We had the pleasure of interviewing her for the Save Our Stages event that took place in downtown Red Deer and were thrilled when she didn't call the police when we bothered her again! She's gonna tell us all about a new song she is releasing so let's rejoice! Check it out!

BRUTAL REALITY DIGEST: Identify yourself, your band, and your weapon of choice.

SHELL: Helloooo! I'm Shell. A ukulele shredder from Red Deer.

BRD: What is your favourite part about the city you live in?

S: My favourite part about Red Deer is the abundance (pre-covid) of live music everywhere. Also, I love people watching while downtown.

BRD: What’s the least favourite part about the city you live in?

S: All the god damn trash in the trails. Leave no trace people, learn about it.

BRD: What is a movie quote you find yourself quoting the most?

S: 'ELLO' - Pirates of the Caribbean.

BRD: What was the first song you learned how to play?

S: Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys

BRD: If you could perform a duet with any musician in history, who would you choose?

S: I would pick Brandi Carlile. She has so much girl power, so cool.

BRD: What was the funniest show you ever played?

S: I played at Rancho Relaxo and in the middle of my set, middle of a song, some smoke machines went off. I jumped so bad and may have said some bad words... f**kin' shhmoke machines.

BRD: What was your most embarrassing moment on stage?

S: My first show at the Velvet Olive, I tried to play the piano for a song. Not a good idea. I didn't practice with a microphone and forgot I wouldn't be able to see my fingers. I played every other chord wrong as I constantly reassured the audience between verses that 'it will get better'. It did not get better.

BRD: What is one cover song that you absolutely refuse to play?


BRD: What are you most excited for as we finish off 2020?

S: Hopefully, I will be releasing my song The Cure in a few weeks! Also for all the Christmas snacks that will be consuming in a few months.


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