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10 Ladies - 10 Questions - Rina "Ribs" Keichinger

Welcome to the BRD Original Series - 10 Ladies - 10 Questions!

Hey everyone! Do you like music? Of course you do! Perhaps you remember our last series entitled "10 Punks, 10 Questions." It was a great time and highlighted many of the great punk rock musicians in our province. The only problem was, much like the parties I hosted as a 20 year old, it was a total bro fest. Not that there's anything wrong with that but anyone who's been out to a show in Alberta can confirm that is only a small sliver of what this great scene has to offer. This new series will focus on 10 rad ladies in the Alberta music scene and I hope you find your new favourite artist over the next 2 weeks! So once again, I implore you to hop into your coziest of PJ pants, grab a Radler, and prepare to be entertained!


Let's head North, shall we? I'd like to introduce you to my pal, Rina Keichinger, also known as Ribs. She smashes power chords like it's going out of style in the City of Champions. Oh wait, I'm told they retired that name but that's ok. They're still winners to me! Enjoy!

BRUTAL REALITY DIGEST: Identify yourself, your band, and your weapon of choice.

RINA KEICHINGER: Hey! I'm Rina but most know me as Ribs. Currently I am the Motherplucker in Chairman and working on a couple side projects to be announced! My guitar (Dorothy) is my one and only, inexpensive and humble Epiphone SG. She's never let me down!

BRD: What is your favourite part about the city you live in?

RK: Edmonton has a pretty rad music scene. Small town city vibes, and a strong sense of community. I can go to any show and usually run into at least a couple pals which is really awesome. It almost feels like a artsy gang support system where if someone is hurting an artist or steps outta line, you have this whole crowd of people behind you waiting to throw down and fight for any morality that's lacking.

BRD: What’s the least favourite part about the city you live in?

RK: Cold. Hauling gear in and out of venues, up and down stairs isn't fun when its -30 out but we do it anyway. Rock n roll!

BRD: What is a movie quote you find yourself quoting the most?

RK: Mostly anything by Paul Rudd or Jim Carey. "Pop off a piece of my dick" from Wanderlust is a heavily rotated one but I'm not sure how politically correct and PG I need to be here lol.

BRD: What was the first song you learned how to play?

RK: First song ever was on my first acoustic. "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" by Nirvana which I found out was originally a Lead Belly song that Kurt Cobain really liked.

BRD: If you could perform a duet with any musician in history, who would you choose?

RK: This one is tricky cause there's soooo many humans I look up to but I have a feeling jamming out with Nancy Wilson would be kinda cool. Or Brian May. Or Lindsey Buckingham. Or Jack Black...frig the list goes on and in Haha don't make me choose!

BRD: What was the funnest show you ever played? (Good English, Josh)

RK: I got to open up for Wednesday13 on the Starlite stage in a previous band. That was pretty fuckin wicked. The most fun shows to me are house shows though and my last band Vector23 played the punk house known as the "SketchHaus". The room was packed studded shoulder to studded shoulder, hair and bodies flying everywhere, covered in beer and people were moshing so hard and singing along to our original tunes. It felt so good, that's the kinda shit I live for.

BRD: What was your most embarrassing moment on stage?

RK: I have wicked stage fright so I'm usually hiding behind my hair or in the darkest corner I can find but this one time I played an afternoon show at Blakbar. We ordered a full pot of coffee and smoked a joint right before we went up on stage and my nerves had me uncontrollably shaking haha by the 2nd song my knees were clacking together and I could barely stand and it just felt really shitty. I'm not easily embarrassed either... just uncomfortable with people looking in my general direction at any given moment but that was my least favorite stage moment for sure.

BRD: What is one cover song that you absolutely refuse to play?

RK: Not a fan of covers at all. I'd have to say I'd try pretty much anything if my mates really wanted to except if it was like super off of my moral compass. Getting weird with songs is the best though, I know Chairman would be into it.

BRD: What are you most excited for as we finish off 2020?

RK: Would be reeeeeally rad if Covid buggered off so we can get back on stage again! As much as I don't like the spotlight, I definitely miss the high of performing... The feeling is unattainable anywhere else.

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