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Name: Gabe Brinton

Position: I write a silly excerpt from my boring life, known as my lament, stupidity, bad grammar and a very subpar writing style is what I contribute monthly. 

Background: I'm a 42 year old Red Deer native and borderline functioning Alcoholic (thanks covid 19) that enjoys punk rock, hanging out with my family and friends, drinking with my dog and I'm not very interesting (my dog thinks I'm the tits tho) I would probably skateboard more if my geriatric body would allow it, I like exercise if I'm not hungover .... exercise is limited.

Favourite Muppet: Gonzo is my favourite muppet no explanation needed .... IT'S GONZO FOR FS!

Words of Wisdom: If you leave a cucumber on the counter it withers away, if you pickle it, it lasts forever! Cheers

BRD - Gabe.jpg
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